Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kimberly Elizabeth Fox 8/28/1955 - 6/11/2008

I've been holding out on posting here, as I didn't know what to post.

Many of you probably know this, but for those that don't, Kim passed away in June @ the Hospital Univeristy of Pennsylvania from complications of her heart condition.

Kimberly was a great woman, and loved by many. If you want to know more about her battle with her health over her last few months on this earth, you can look @ my blog ( ). I will also be posting info and stories about Kim as I come to terms with the loss of such a great person.

I am currently working on restoring Kim's website ( ) and finishing her story, EXPO Summer, as I promised her I would. I will post here, and on my blog, when more info is available.


P.S. I'm sorry for those of you I failed to notify, but she had many friends, and it's hard.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Counting down to zero...

Um, yeah. It has been a while. Countdown is almost finished, and my comics reading has been irregular enough that I have no freakin' idea what's going on there... but I am enjoying the ride.

Health update: Ahem. leessee. Congestive heart failure, bad heart murmur, heart valve replacement. 'nuff said?

And folks, let's cut Piper some slack on the servers, okay? She's been hard at work there, doubling our bandwidth, tripling the number of servers we've got on line, and a whole pot-load of other stuff, and to do it all and keep somewhat on schedule she's been doing it all without my help. I'm still in hospital -- haven't been home since February -- Piper has been carrying the load. In addition to doing the server work, she's been here at the hospital with me most days. She's pulling an inhuman load, and she deserves lots of credit for her efforts.

Donations wouldn't hurt either, kids. All this stuff comes at a price... And now I'm returning to my sickbed and Piper gets her laptop back. - ;) Kim

Friday, November 23, 2007

Hobbyist or Terrorist?

On Nov 22, 2007 5:28 PM, xxx wrote:,9171,1101040524-638410,00.html

Interesting article. Paranoia strikes deep into the heartland. I know they want to make sure nobody's doing anything nefarious, but a lot of these folks seem to have forgotten (or just don't seem to care) that going for a wander, with or without cameras, is a legal activity. I swear, sometimes it seems just like what we used to be told about the evils of the Soviet Union. *sigh* Personal freedoms sure seem unimportant to the decision-makers; of course, their personal freedoms aren't the ones being taken away. And remember never to go hunting with Dick Cheney.

I'm pretty sure you guys don't celebrate anything like our Thanksgiving holiday (after all, it was to commemorate the early settlers freedom from youse guys!), but ours went pretty well. Piper and I basically stayed in, cooked, watched movies, and played with our various computers. Piper left for work a little while ago (which is why I'm doing email at 4:00 AM); but then again today is Black Friday here, the biggest shopping day of the year. Her store is opening at 5:00. Ick!

Hey, that whole "warrantless surveillance" thing is supposed to be snatching and reading all contacts between US citizens and dem furriners. You suppose someone (or at least some server somewhere) is wasting time with this email? Welcome to the magic world of Carnivore or Magic Lantern or whatever they call the durn thing nowadays. That last sentence alone is probably going to make someone waste their time looking at it. *shrugs* Oh well, hourly work. If they weren't snooping into my mail they'd prolly be reading someone else's Viagra ad. *LOL*

Gee, do you think I'm a bit ticked at the whole attitude that 'we can't afford any longer for people to do what they want or have privacy nowadays -- it's too dangerous a world out there'? Have they forgotten what it is they're supposed to be protecting? If it weren't for the fact that it's the Republicans behind all of this -- and God, how they've changed from the days when they decried the 'nanny state' -- I'd have sworn these folks were the remnants of the '60s "Better Red Than Dead" faction. *sighs*

So much for my ranting. I guess it comes with being retired -- I get to sit on the sidelines and bitch and moan about how the country is going to hell in a handcart.

Anyway, before I head back to bed, Piper mentioned that you've got a compilation of Gaby, Book Four? Would you be willing to send a copy? That's the one thing that's stopping me from reading Four; I don't want to go through the effort of grabbing all the separate chapters.

Thanks. I'm going back to bed, as the whining puppy is trying to encourage me. Unless, of course, she wants to go outside. *groans*


- Kim ;)

Friday, November 09, 2007

Counting away...

I'm sure you've noticed a distinct lack of postings over the past month. Sorry 'bout that.

I haven't lost interest in Countdown or anything, it's been an issue with my health. As you can guess, my health hasn't been particularly good of late, and, sadly, things aren't really looking up just now.

I'm going to continue reading Countdown and its related crossovers, and thinking about what I'm seeing, but I'm going to be taking some time off from posting until I'm in somewhat better shape.

'be seeing you!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

29 and counting...

One page? ONE LOUSY PAGE? You can see the cover to this issue, over there to the right. Notice it features Karate Kid? Attacking Brother Eye? So, HOW MUCH space does it get in the book? One grifing page!

And yeah, my earlier HAL-9000 comment was pretty much dead on.

The Challengers are now on Earth-8. They're captured, the 'evil' monitor meddles, resulting in their escape, and the Jokester is killed. Monarch shows up to recruit someone or other.

The Jokester's death is a shame. He'd been developed as an interesting character, and I'd have liked to see him hanging around for a while, to further explore him and the differences from the Joker.

Jimmy Olsen meets the Newsboy Legion in the sewers. He's happy because he's finally among friends.

Maybe. They say they're in the sewers looking for Jimmy, thinking he's gonna need help. The main flaw in this is that he's only been in the sewers for five minutes. Truly amazing they could find out about his 'escape' from Cadmus and get there so fast.

I'm reminded again of a major theme of the title: Not everyone who opposes you is your enemy; not everyone who helps you is your friend.

Holly Robinson is still fighting sea serpents. Um, last issue wasn't she fighting sharks? Was there a timeslip between issues? Remember, "Time is broken."

Piper and Trickster are having lunch at a truck stop with their new friend. It turns out the threat to slit Piper's throat was just, um, a misunderstanding. Yeah, I can't explain it, either.

Mary Marvel, well, she's getting good at abusing her power. That's about all need be said about her this issue.

Recent issues have been pretty good, and this week was quite a disappointment. There seemed to be lots of continuity glitches this week. I'll be back next week when I'll hopefully find something worth writing about.